August 11, 2006

My First Sock

I bought some sock yarn on eBay with the hopes of making a lot of socks. The yarn I bought was in shades of grays and white, so I used this color first since I didn't particular care for it. If I messed up, I wasn't out much.

I used the e-wrap (twisted knit? Is that what it's called now?) on a 10" Extra Fine Gauge sock loom from Decor Accents. Wonderful piece of "machinery", let me tell you!

You can see the twisted part of the heel, but then I changed to the stockinette stitch (flat stitch) because it was just plain easier and faster. It was much too loose for my liking. It took me forever to finish the socks and although I like them, they don't jump out at me because of the color. So my mom is getting them! She has trouble with most socks being too tight around her ankles, so these will be perfect for her to wear at night when her little (very little, actually) piggies get cold.

Then I started another sock with Lorna's Laces in Parfait. I absolutely love this yarn, but I have to brag about the lady on eBay I bought it from. Her name is Linda Gorman and she trades under the name "emtnestr" on eBay. I know there are other sellers out there that do a wonderful job, but I doubt very seriously I'll do much more hunting around. She is positively the best person I've bought yarn from yet. I've purchased a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of yarn from her and the most I've ever paid for shipping is a little over $10.00. And that was for several POUNDS of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Mill Ends. Yes, I said POUNDS.

I adore my LYS, Never Enough Yarn in Winchester, VA, but Pam is almost 20 miles from me. The drive alone would cost that much in gas. It's nice to know if I pay early on a Friday, I'll have my goodies on Monday (now emtnestr is in Vermont and I'm in VA, so Your Mileage May Vary!) She packages everything in zip-lock type bags and she's wonderful to deal with (did I tell you that already?) So, if you see "Blank243" bidding on some yarn, you know I'm out for a good deal!

Anyhoo, about my Lorna's Lace sock. I'm not quite sure what I did wrong, but I frogged it. Whatever the mistake was, it wasn't major and I'm sure no one but me would even know it's there. But it's the principle, you know? Lorna's Laces is beautiful yarn, so I'm not going to make an "iffy" sock! I want it PERFECT! It tore me up to frog it, but here it is:

Eventually I will post pics of my Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Mill Ends. You're going to be soooo envious!! hehehehe

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Looming Looney said...

Hi, where did you get the pattern for your sock?