January 02, 2008


Why on earth haven't I posted since April?

Too busy? Not really.

Too lazy? Probably.

I haven't been doing much looming lately, which is also one reason why I haven't posted in such a long time. I've attempted a few things with needles and for the most part, they've turned out alright. I'm not completely happy with them, but I never am happy with my own creations.

My latest needle project is a pair of convertible mittens for my mom. I bought the Knit This kit (sorry, no link specifically for this kit) a few years ago at Target (I don't have to travel 20 miles away anymore!! Yay me!) and finally decided to knit them up. (In looking for this kit online, I see there are several things available to buy in the knitting department. How cool is that?)

They consist of an "under mitten" which is a fingerless mitten including the thumb. The "over mitten" is basically a short mitten, including thumb, that goes, amazingly enough, over the under mitten.

I'm not happy with the instructions though. The right and left over mitten were listed separately, then another section for instructions that work for both mittens. The combined instructions include buttonholes to attach the over mitten to the under. It should be rather straight forward, but the buttonholes come out in a totally different place than in the picture.

Now I'm confused (as you should be too). Was I supposed to work the specific section of the right (or left) mitten and then work the instructions for the buttonhole? Or was I supposed to work the specific instructions, jump over to the combined instructions, then come back to the specific instructions.

Now I'm REALLY confused. As you should be too!

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