March 14, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened...

on the way to finishing my Knitting Olympics Project. Besides the fact the project wasn't done by closing ceremonies that is. It turns out ~ I DON'T LIKE IT! The first panel was done on a small gauge loom by Decor Accents. The second panel was done on the board from The Knitting Board Company, which is the loom used for the original pattern. Not even close!! I didn't expect it to match of course, but it was far enough off that I don't like it! Anyway, my mom has it now and she loves it. Gotta love mom, huh?

This shows the difference between the panels. The one on top was done on the DA Loom and the one on the bottom was on the Knitting Board. Big difference, huh?

So here's the finished product. Since the second panel turned out so large, I didn't even bother using the first panel and made a poncho instead. The little black do-jiggy wrapped around my neck was supposed to be a "shoulder strip" sewn between the two panels. It was waaaay too big. I guess I just started my own fashion statement by making a poncho with a built in scarf. Either way, I still don't like it. Weird huh?

On a better note, I am now working on another project with my Knitting Board loom with yarn I bought from a buyer in the United Kingdom.

Here's what I purchased:

The yarn is, from left to right, Emu Astrakhan Boucle Knitting Wool, Lister Lee ~ Midas with a Touch of Mohair, and Twilly's Luxury Featherspun made in Italy. I'm using the Featherspun for a shawl I'm making and this is it so far:

I just had to frog about 6 inches of it tonight (which is why I'm updating my blog - kinda frustrating isn't it?) because I found a mistake. At least it wasn't just about finished before I found it!

Hopefully I'll get a bit more updating done in the next few days! Oh yeah, I've decided to do something about my health too. You can follow along with that adventure on my Yahoo 360 blog. No dieting allowed though. It's one of those horrible FOUR LETTER WORDS!

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