March 23, 2006

It's Done! It's Done!

I finished my shawl last night and I think it came out very nice if I do say so myself. It works too! As soon as the last finishing touch was put on, around my shoulders it went because I was cold!

Here's my son Garrett modeling it for me:
I used the 28" board from The Knitting Board Company and Twilleys Featherspun Luxury Look DK (What does the DK mean? I've seen it everywhere, but haven't clue what it stands for!) I bought the yarn from eBay from hollickdesigns and received excellent service. Even the shipping was comparable to many of the purchases I've made from the US!

I also threw together a cell phone using Lily's Sugar and Cream in Midnight Madness. I didn't allow for stretching of the cotton so the cord is longer than I wanted. I put a couple knots on each side so that helps a lot.

It's quite a handy little gadget because I don't carry a purse. My wallet is in my back pocket, but carrying a cell phone in your back pocket isn't the greatest because if it rings while you're driving... Well, you get the idea. Visuals not needed!
Now I have a problem...

Payday is tomorrow and I DON'T KNOW WHAT LOOM TO BUY!!! NOOOOO!! I have my wish list made out, but I'm having some difficulty with the final decision! I have the following on my list:

80" Rake from DA - (small gauge or regular?)
Fine Gauge Hat Loom from DA - (what size?? More decisions!!)
Extra Fine Gauge Sock Loom - (What? Not available for sale until MONDAY??)

36" oval loom from CinDWood Crafts for either a 72" panel or 46" double sided panel

So many choices, so little money...!!



Anonymous said...

I love your cell phone holder! Could you please share how you made it?

Melissa Bailey said...

I love the shawl. The yarn is lovely.


Anonymous said...

Okay...I REALLY would like to know what pattern you used for the shawl and for the cell phone holder...I REALLY like them both and am ready to start a new project...I think you have given me the ideas of what I want to try!


Sorka said...

DK stands for double knit it is a weight/thicknes catagory of yarn!

Anonymous said...

Did you use the bloom KK loom for the cell phone holder? And, I'm still waiting on the shawl pattern...:) PLEASE! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I also love your cell phone holder. Did you post a pattern for it and I just don't see it? Thanks. Is it loomed? needle knitted?