March 26, 2006

Pattern Requests

Thanks so much for the wonderful comments I've received about my shawl, cell phone case and of course, my cutie-patudy (Just how DO you spell that anyway???) son! For those of you requesting a pattern for the cell phone case, I will certainly see if I can remember it and write it up for y'all. I was winging it when I did it and although I do remember decreasing a few times, I'd be hard pressed to tell you exactly which row I did it in or how many times. But I will definitely get it for you!

Oh yeah, about that wish list I mentioned earlier. Of course my pay check was absolutely burning a HOLE in my pocket, so I ordered a few looms from DA: 80" Rake SM, Adult Hat Loom FG, and the XFG Sock Loom.

For some reason I think I also ordered a travel hat loom, but I really don't remember and I'm too lazy to go back and check my email for the order confirmation. Besides, that'll make things a bigger surprise when the package comes, right?

But, I must admit, the family and I will be eating bread and water for a few months because I also picked up another few boards from the Knitting Board Company: the 18" board, the 10" mini board and the mini board project book. I think that pretty much covers it. Pat with the Knitting Board Company said she's going to send me a NEW BOARD to try out! CHRISTMAS IN MARCH! I'm really excited! I have to get lots of projects done before April 22nd as that is the Red Bud Festival in Browntown, VA and I've been asked to do a board demonstration. That's going to be so much fun and Pat is going to be there as well. She is certainly the knowledgeable one, but I would like to have at least a few things done before then!

Hey kids - it's bread and water for dinner, and I'm afraid you'll have to fix it yourself: I'm going LOOMING!!


Cloudwing said...

Aww comon! give the kids some butter or honey with the bread! ; D Deb IL

Mary said...

Hi Deb,

Thought I'd reply more "privately" here than on the FirstTimeSockKnitters group. Yes, I'm in the Richmond area, and I've been to Front Royal before, but it's been awhile. Nice to "meet" another Virginia knit-blogger! :-)